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What My Clients Say...

"I have chronic illness."...

I have a chronic illness. I found myself apologizing for it!  I felt stuck in my story of illness. I tried to cover up what was happening and push myself beyond what is reasonable so that others were not impacted by me.  I was exhausted! Paula helped me create new views and steps to change my perspective. I also learned to allow myself to be more than just my illness. I’m a talented professional, wife and mom!

Danielle C.

Graphic Designer,

Austin TX

"... inspired me to complete tasks and achieve my goals."

During a time of turmoil in my life I went looking for a coach to help me make some changes in my work/career life. I feel so fortunate to have come across Paula to help me transition through these big changes. I have found Paula to be kind, sincere and empathetic and at the same time expertly adept at her craft…. guiding and inspiring me to complete tasks and achieve my goals. Paula has proved to be genuinely invested in my success and I am feeling much more confident and prepared as I navigate all the new things coming my way.

Jeanette T.

Holistic Coach -

Long Island, NY

"... I felt empowered and clear"

Paula’s unique way of helping you break down the steps to reach your goal was unbelievably helpful. I left my first session feeling empowered and clear. She partners with you to understand the goal you are wanting to obtain by offering her rare gifts of insight, compassion and motivation.

Terri K.



"...great listener and problem solver!"

Paula was able to help me articulate my challenges. She immediately understood what I wanted, helped me identify blocks and solutions. She is a great listener and problem-solver!

Michelle M.

Former COO turned entrepreneur -

Dallas, TX

"I'm seeing myself shift in a positive way."

I was impressed by how quickly Paula was able help me focus on what I wanted to accomplish! Paula was able to help me see a common thread in the scenarios I shared with her. She guided me towards defining and determining steps towards shifting my view. I’m seeing myself shift in a positive way.

Billie S.

Director Streaming


"... an amazing R.O.I"

Paula truly understood the core values behind seemingly complex and fear-laden issues I confront at work. When we discussed my expensive reluctance to fire employees, she helped me uncover that I was not valuing my own essential happiness or honoring their professional goals. Incredibly, both employees left with terrific closure and were even excited about things to come! This example, and many more - make her an amazing return on an investment for anyone looking to grow, and profit, professionally and personally

Janet Y.

Home Design Business Owner

/ 3x Entrepreneur


".. I reconnected with who I am."

I came across Paula by LUCK and so happy that I did.  I had been battling cancer for a while and the treatments really kicked my butt.  I was down although trying so hard to be happy for everyone. My world of survival impacted my relationships and work.  I felt my identify was ‘Survivor’ and I was no longer the Executive I worked so hard to become in my career. With Paula’s direct life experience and coaching, I reconnected with who I am.  Who I want to be today! I feel empowered and stronger than ever. Thank you, Paula, for your strength and support

Lisa, S.

Software Engineer and THRIVING, 

Austin, TX

"I felt accomplished..."

Paula really helped me when I needed insight. She didn't just help me work towards a goal, she asked me to think about the whole picture. I felt accomplished, heard and successful after working with her

Mark M.

Finance Executive


"... 😃"

Paula is literally the angel of coaching. Her style, her grace, it's all aligned in full. I admire her spirit and her ability to do more. Anyone that gets the pleasure to work with her, is blessed. :)

Nastasya R



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