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Sucking it up and coping with circumstances kept me from truly being alive.


Sound familiar?

I always had a huge smile and heaps of positive energy.  I survived Cancer twice and had a rewarding career.  I was alive, therefore, I had it all!

Or so it seemed...


At the age of 21, two months after graduating from college, I was diagnosed with cancer.  I had exploratory surgery, my spleen removed, then four months of daily radiation.  I worked full-time and although the pain was excruciating; I pushed through.

I was again diagnosed with cancer, this time stage 3 and had eight months of chemo, while working full-time.  

My heart was weak, and my lungs compromised from radiation therapy.  My doctor was uncertain I’d live.  

I was fighting, surviving, and tolerating it all as best as I could.

I mastered the skill of accepting and coping with life circumstances.



Life & Career Coach


I kept my needs to myself and focused on being strong.  To do so, I often ignored my wants.  Dreams of the future did not exist.


My time was spent either at work or the doctor.  I was most comfortable around medical staff and having a procedure was my 'normal'.  I chose to laugh at the scary things that occurred and quietly wanted my life to be more than appointments or FEAR of the unknown.

My problem was that I identified only with survival.  I was capable of so much more, but was lost somewhere between having procedures and choosing to be strong.

I lost my hair and my friends.  I also worked in an environment where the team resented me for needing days off for chemo.  


I felt guilt and shame which began my journey of working too hard and apologizing for needing time off for treatments.   


I was fortunate to create a successful career in Talent Acquisition and Development. I coached people toward their best career. My positive spirit created the image that my life was ‘all good.’  But

inside, I was remarkably unfulfilled.

In my mid 30’s, I was introduced to an Executive Coach. Through Coaching, I understood where and when I was tolerating life situations and not living on my terms.  I realized I had the ability to do more than survive my circumstances and medical issues. 


I chose to leave my corporate leadership position to honor the work I love.  I’m now free to be a powerful Coach for my clients. My training, expertise and experiences will connect you to who you can be today and the growth you want.

"She's been through more hell than you'll ever know.  That's what gives her beauty an edge."

- Alfa

I want you to truly and deeply know that you ARE enough and that your life can begin again.

It took 15 years for me to embrace my spirit and my body and about five more to make my dreams a priority.  I had to learn that it was ok to want more - to feel alive - and not just survive.  Saying yes to myself didn’t mean I was selfish.  It simply meant “I matter!”

I know how precious life is.  I want you to Come Alive. Your life MATTERS NOW.  Don’t wait – Choose YOU!

With Heaps of Love!



You deserve to live and lead your life courageously!

Living the life you want begins with awareness, then making choices that support you.  

Together, we will conquer obstacles and celebrate  YOUR LIFE!

Curious to know more?

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