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Change Your Perspective!

Do you see yourself as someone who embraces people and opportunities? Would others share the same perspective? Who’s right? Consider there is no right or wrong, there are views or perspectives that support you – OR NOT.

If you believe your view blocks your success or ability to take action – You’re right and you need to CHANGE IT! This suggestion may sound simple in nature, however not easy to implement without a plan and daily actions. So, what’s your plan? What’s the first, then second step? How will you hold yourself accountable? If you don’t know all of these answers, you’ve come to in the right place.

Not knowing what to do next or where to turn for guidance can feel overwhelming or stop us all together! It’s important to know - you’re not alone! You may be saying – YEAH RIGHT. On one hand you’re correct in that you may be physically alone at the moment, however; universally – you’re connected.

Consider the law of attraction. It’s powerful in that what you focus on persists because you find evidence everywhere that your perspective is true. Sound familiar? If so, and if you want change, a persistent and unwanted view will limit, even block your success.

What would it look like if your current perception weren’t true for you tomorrow? Does that sound amazing? You may wonder how that’s possible. Let’s consider this one example: the view “I’m stuck”.

Feeling stuck is a sign something needs to change. You want to move forward, however ‘something’ stops you. The block is usually fear. Fear can be our friend as it keeps us away from trying and possibly failure. The reverse is also true; fear keeps us from succeeding. We avoid taking actions and end up feeling ‘stuck’, due to inaction or bursts of infrequent action that leads to nothing.

My coaching experience shows that moving away from blaming others or faulting circumstances - to taking responsibility and making mindful choices - is the hardest step to take. However daunting managing your perspective may seem, owning your choices is empowering. You’re taking control to ‘Create Your Life’ and change perspectives that don’t support you.

Again, fear is often our friend and intuitively exists for our survival. Moving past this powerful energy requires support and accountability.

Change is possible with me. As your coach I move you toward uncovering what’s stopping you and how your perspective lifts or limits you. When you commit to yourself and add consistency to your action plan, feeling stuck begins to fade. You’ll realize the power you have and the control over your choices.

Being mindful allows you insight to your perspective and ability to take action and stop avoiding unpleasant circumstances. You’ll lean in with views that are aligned with how you want to be. You’ll actively engage and CHOOSE your LIFE. Doesn’t that sound like a powerful perspective?

If you’re ready to Create the Life YOU want, contact me and visit me here

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