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What's Your Superpower?

“It's about what you believe. And I believe in love. Only love will truly save the world.” — Wonder Woman

When you’re in a dark place, call upon your superpower for help. Sometimes our biggest obstacle is our greatest superpower. You might have a quality that you think is a weakness, but it might actually be a strength. At many points in my life, I was tired of being strong. But then I realize that is actually my gift.

Are you stuck in a rut? Feeling like you’re going nowhere fast?

It’s time to lift yourself up. How? With your superpower.

Superpowers are associated with superheroes. Given the plethora of superhero movies in theaters, it may seem like they’ve always been there, and for most of us, they’ve been a part of our lives since childhood. Did you know? The first superheroes flew into comic books in the 1930s.

The concept of superheroes is incredibly popular. Why is it we are so intrigued? Perhaps we all want some or all of the hero’s powers.

What do we mean by “superpower”? Think Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl. They’re strong, smart, influential. They use these strengths to do good—and battle evil.

What are your superpowers? Maybe you’re strong, smart, creative, compassionate —a real life superhero! Real women are just as incredible as superhereos. Scrap that! We’re even more incredible than fictional super heroes! It’s time for all women to really shine and share their superpowers!

I’m going to share my list of superpowers to inspire you to see and cultivate your own.

• Kindness: I’m kind to people, all things, and especially to myself. If I see a slug or gecko on the side of a road, I gently move it back to a flowerbed with a leaf! Yes, I do that!

• Strength: I am physically strong; I moved my own boxes (even the large ones) each of the eight times I moved. I also lift furniture when I’m bored of the layout—a little less these days. I’m also mentally strong. We all know life knocks us down sometimes, and strength of character is what keeps you getting back up.

• Curiosity: I like to learn and understand things. I like to know the why and what makes somebody tick or why people accept things as is when they really seek change.

• Confidence: I honor my voice in an honest way. This helps me feel empowered.

• Determination: I have conviction. I’m determined to live powerfully. I’m also determined to help those in need wherever I can and to be the voice for people without one.

• Empathy: I understand pain, loss and fear and JOY. Because I myself have felt pain and loss and fear, I have empathy for others who do too. There’s power in relating to someone, allowing them to be and when they’re ready, to help them shift to more empowering views.

• Love: My motto is “Love is the most powerful motivator.” Love is my strongest superpower.

Now it’s your turn. How do you find your superpowers?

1. Pay attention to yourself. Perhaps when you’re talking with someone, notice what gets you excited? When you talk about the book you’re reading? The patient care you’re giving? Your animal advocacy? The art of being a mom? Teaching? Expression through dance or design? Pay attention to when you feel yourself shine or light up. Those are clues to your superpowers.

2. Think about compliments you’ve received. What do people appreciate about you? Those things are likely your superpowers.

3. Consider what you’re drawn to. Are you drawn to certain people and personalities? What is it about that, what are they doing or saying? We’re all mirrors of one another. Often, we see what we don’t like about someone or something, and the opposite is also true. We see what we KNOW IS TRUE of ourselves.

Now that you’ve discovered your superpowers, make the most of them! It’s very easy to hide or mask who we are because we don’t want to be made fun of or we’re not yet confident in who we truly are. Choose to honor your strengths. Life it too short not to – even for super heroes.

Listen to your heart. Listen to what is being said. The voice is often your inner child – where most superpowers live. Ask yourself: Is this important to me. Does this matter to me? Is this my truth? If yes – what would you tell your inner child? What would you say to her?

You wouldn’t say “Ignore your kindness – Ignore your strength – Ignore your creativity.” You’d say, “Embrace it – LET IT OUT! The word needs more people like you!"

I am my own superhero, and I see the superhero in YOU.

When wanting to powerfully move through and embrace change, contact me at or

I'll partner with you so that you transition through change with grace, mindfulness, and intent.

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