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LAUGHTER - Life's Simple and Best Medicine

I love to laugh! Laughing to the point of crying is one of my favorite things to do.

Laughter is powerful. Moments of laughter help ease physical and emotional suffering as well as the typical stress from the average life mishap. Laughter is amazing ‘medicine’ and FREE.

A good giggle brings people together - even strangers. We’ve all heard the roar of everyone’s laughter when a movie scene shows something wacky or intended for major comic relief.

The world needs more laughter. Calling all Comedians!

It’s good for your health!

Yoga, meditation and a restful nights sleep are KEY elements of health. However, nothing beats the power of laughter.

Benefits of a Good LAUGHS

  • Laughing connects us to others.

  • The mind and body are relaxed for up to an hour.

  • Humor is levity.

  • It diminishes pain.

  • We see challenges through a lighter perspective.

  • Stress is decreased, endorphins released and our immune system enhanced.

  • Your most important organ - YOUR HEART benefits from the increase in blood flow, which helps protect you from a cardiac event.

  • It BURNS CALORIES. Keep that gym membership though as you’ll only burn between 3-5 pounds over the course of a year from laughing.

  • Upset and anger are decreased because you swiftly move away from the issue.

  • You’ll outlive angry people - LOVE THIS!


Discover the power of laughter and create levity within your personal and professional relationships.

Book a session with Paula Conkey Coaching

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