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Turning Over a New Leaf

“Be like a Tree. Stay Grounded. Connect with Your Roots, Turn over a New Leaf. Bend Before You Break. Enjoy your Natural Beauty. Keep Growing.” – Joanne Rapits

Fall crispness is in the air, leaves are beginning to change, and schools are back in session: All of these transitions make Fall the perfect time to take action on a change you’ve been considering.

You too, can turn over a new leaf!

Here are some questions you might ask are as you turn over YOUR new leaf:

  • What are you trying to transition into?

  • Why are you making a change?

  • What are you coping with?

  • What are you potentially avoiding?

Your WHY may differ depending on the change you seek to achieve. However, consider that YOUR LIFE is YOUR BOAT, so ROW IT!

Many changes in life can be considered “Turning over a new leaf,” including moving, making new friends, quitting smoking, moving into a Leadership position or getting a new job. Some of these changes are chosen; others are forced upon us.

When you are ready to make YOUR Desired change or seek support for something you HAVE TO DO, here are some suggestions.

• Evaluate the change. Regardless of what you want to do or are trying to do, make sure it’s what you genuinely desire. Always pause and reflect upon your journey. What you’ve been doing and why are you making this change? What’s working, what’s not working, and what’s driving YOU to change?

• Commit. Lean into Your life and Commit – NOW! Make a choice! Don’t be flaky and waffle back and forth. Making the commitment to yourself helps you honor your word and keep going when things get hard.

• Face your fear. There’s going to be fear. Turning over a new leaf results in something new so there’s going to be unknown factors to mitigate or work through. You need to face them head on. You can’t avoid or tolerate the fact that you’re miserable anymore!

• Visualize. Imagine yourself and your life after the change. For example: What does your new home look like, visualize the colors, the rooms, or how do you feel when you’re in front of the group leading, or who are you with then you’re celebrating the WIN? Get crystal clear on how things will be when you’ve accomplished your goal when the change is complete.

• Get in action. The one is huge! Be in action DAILY. Every day take a step toward this new change, this new you, this new life.

• Be accountable. Find someone who you can check-in and share your progress with. Someone to challenge you! A Coach like me who will help you be accountable to your change. A partner and champion who’ll set up expectations for when, where, and how you’ll outline your actions for success. This is a powerful motivator as accountability helps us to honor our word.

• Reevaluate. After some time has passed, you’ve taken action, and some change has occurred, pause and reflect. Look for what’s working? What’s not working? What are you learning? Ask yourself if you really do want to do this after all.

• Course correct. As you reflect, tweak your actions or expectations as necessary.

• Celebrate! Every step of the way, celebrate! Once you have accomplished the change you seek, take time to enjoy your accomplishment. The most important part of this is th

e subtle moments, like simply acknowledging to yourself that YOU DID IT! Celebrate YOUR CHOICE to honor your life.

Even if you decide to abandon the change - perhaps say SCREW THIS - celebrate the fact that you're doing what you want.

Here’s a suggested mantra for the week: I’m leaving what doesn’t work for me behind!

When wanting to powerfully move through and embrace change, contact me at or

I'll partner with you so that you transition through change with grace, mindfulness, and intent.

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